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Monday, 08 / 10, 2020

New sister Investing Casting foundry

Since its establishment in Taiwan in 1994, Chieftain has been adhering to the development of high-quality core technology, and has been also improving the production efficiency, and investing a lot of money and equipment towards automatic production.

In 2001, Chieftain had been set up a foundry at mainland Dongguan city. Each month it can produce 200 tons Investing casting parts for top 500 enterprises in the world. It provides wide ranges of casted parts for customers, for instance, explosion-proof control valve, pump body, transmission device, used in pressure, flow, level, temperature automatic security control system, also in nuclear power, aerospace, petrochemical, chemical, industrial automation, medical equipment, food machinery, and so on. For the south of the China customers it provides regional development backing.

2019 Chieftain invests large-scale Investing Casting sister factory “Xuancheng Chieftech Metal Technology Company", it is located in Xuancheng city, Anhui province, around 2 to 3 hours' drive to Shanghai, the world economic and trade center of China is surrounded by thousands of foreign enterprises in Shanghai. Chieftech provides the top 500 enterprises in the world with high additional value of high temperature nickel cobalt alloy, titanium alloy... investing casting parts, but also provides customers in the middle of China more closer, more efficient, higher quality service.

 Chieftech metal technology not only has a large area of plant and more automated productions, but also mainly production equipment and service projects:

  • 1. Automation production line respectively set up at: shell molding dept; dipping slurry dept, pouring system, dipping sand dept, machining dept…
  • 2. Chieftech gains ISO-9001、AD2000、TRD-100 PED、ISO/IATF16949、Lloyd’s、BV、ISO 13485:2016 certifications.
  • 3. It provides Investing Casting parts with Nickel, cobalt and titanium alloys in high temperature.
  • 4. It provides “Ex” products certification services of explosion proof product certification system.
  • 5. It provides the quality requirements of the world's top 500 enterprises.

ISO-9001 · 2000
AD2000 WO / TRD-100
ISO / IATF-16949



  • TEL1:86-769-8561 9348
  • TEL2:86-769-8561 9349
  • TEL3:86-769-8561 9350
  • FAX: 86-769-8561 9352
  • No.12,Lian Feng Xin Rd, Xiang Dong Industrial Zone, Daling Shan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China


  • TEL1:886-4-25130431-32
  • TEL2: 886-4-25130399
  • TEL3: 86-769-8561 9350
  • FAX:86-769-8561 9352
  • ZIP:80240903

Chieftain Overseas Office

  • Contact: Technical Sales Manager Mr.Gerrit Buist
  • TEL:+31 612 990843
  • Roeterskamp 1, Scherpenzeel, 3925WB, Netherlands.

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